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Mantraah! | 9 Reasons You’ll Love Mantraah!
Blog post on nine reasons to love vegetarian Indian cuisine from Mantraah!
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Chilis, Garlic and Spices

04 Mar 9 Reasons You’ll Love Mantraah!

All Veg:

Mantraah! supports the go-green vegetarian revolution worldwide. We serve only wholesome, great tasting vegetarian food – with many gluten-free and vegan menu options.

Like It Spicy?

Our menu labels make it easy to choose what’s right for your diet – select from regular menu items, Gluten-Free, Vegan or ‘Jain’ (hold the spices).

Menu Testing:

Our chefs research and develop 100 new menu items each month, then reject 99. So you get only the very best recipes.

Family Friendly:

Our delicious food inventions will satisfy you and your whole family – with many heart-healthy and diet-friendly choices.

Easy Packaging:

Convenient packaging trays for dine in, take away or home delivery – allowing you to eat with ease.

Affordable Prices:

Kamaal Khana at Phamaal prices – tasty affordable food for everyday dining.

Street Food:

Our cuisine is inspired by Indian street food vendors – but with modern food prep safety standards and a sparkling clean kitchen.

Food Safety:

Our food truck and restaurant kitchens are certified clean and constantly washed down for consistently safe food.


Mantraah! delivery is always fresh and always on time.

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